360 views of spaghetti

When visiting Hong Kong a must see is Victoria Peak. A funicular carries you up the insanely steep slope to a tower with a rooftop viewing platform. The lines for the tram can be quite long, so we broke for dinner at the mall next door as we waited to return back down the mountain.

Before food came… We desperately needed something cold and refreshing.



We found Spaghetti 360, a chain I had seen elsewhere of Japanese-Italian fusion. My fish was spaghetti in a roasted bell pepper sauce with onions, bell peppers, ham, and a couple of barbecue spare ribs – American style, but a savory tarragon sauce instead of the typical Kansas City sweet sauce.


The Mrs had squid ink spaghetti. With the tentacles present, she “felt like I am eating Ursula”. Very garlicky, but light on the squid ink flavor.

Neither was great, but hey, it was something new to try!

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