Desperately Seeking Veggies…

After the Chi Lin nunnery, we decided to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History.  Google maps lied to us so we walked the (really) long way around to the entrance.
Side note: We highly recommend you visit if you have the time.  It is a very comprehensive history of Hong Kong from geography and geology to the return of Hong Kong and all this for $10hkd!

By the time we were done with the museum, about 4 hours later, we were starving!! We walked to the nearest shopping center and found a Korean place called Go Koong.

         Since I was tired of meat (and Chinese food) at this point, I was completely satisfied with the japchae and typical banchan – blanched spinach and bean sprouts with sesame oil, marinated cucumber, kim chi, green salad and potatoes.

Anthony ordered the braised beef soup.  I thought it was soon tofu at first because of the vessel but it was actually the soon tofu broth base with tender beef and scrambled eggs, very tasty.

I asked Anthony if he was tired of Asian food yet, and he said no as long as there’s a variety.  And variety this was.

So while the food wasn’t out-of-this-world spectacular, it sure was a change in cuisine!

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