Dim Some More

Apparently my inlaws didn’t get enough dim sum yesterday, so today started out with another morning of gorging.

It’s another order from a form place instead of our familiar cart to table places.

 We pretty much had the same stuff as yesterday but much more variety as there were 9 of us this morning – Pearl’s aunt, uncle and cousin joined us.  

  Daikon cakeHargow (yesterday’s was better BTW)  Char Sui bao aka steamed bbq pork buns  Ginger Tripe  Shrimp and beef chuong fun or rice noodlesMa lai go aka sponge cake    Sui Mai  Custard bunsosamthamus jelly  beef meatballs with worcheshire sauce  Date  jellyChicken feet    Lotus leaf wrapped rice “burrito”  fried pork dumpling

I don’t think we can handle another round of dim sum.  So hopefully this will be the second and last dim sum post for this trip.

Now time to walk it off.

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