Why Eat Dinner?!?!

When we were still full from the late lunch at Yung Kee?! But it was so hot and humid last night… And we were desperate to cool down so we headed to the grocery store attached to the hotel to look for ice cream!!! 


After browsing through the fridges, Anthony settled on a green tea Haagen Dazs ice cream sandwich. Apparently nothing too special other than the green tea overpowering the entire thing.


And I was so intrigued by the sweet corn popcicle that I had to try it! (I love corn so much I have eaten a can of corn by itself for dinner)


It was surprisingly tasty… It was creamy like vanilla ice cream but tasted like a can of creamed corn with chunks of sweet summer corn.

Would I go out of my way to get this again? Probably not but it was definitely sweet sweet (corn and heat) relief…

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