Pearl Hearts Japan Forever

So after walking thru the Tsukiji Fish Market (and the Asakusa Shrine, Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, and Hamarikyu garden) today, we worked up quite an appetite and there was no way I could pass up sushi for dinner.  

  We decided to go to Ganso Zushi, a tasty and cheap “kaiten” or conveyor belt sushi chain.     

We tried a bunch of stuff we usually don’t get int the states since it’s usually so expensive.

The priciest plate is 500¥ aka $4. The cheapest is 125¥ aka $1.                               

Needless to say we stuffed ourselves silly.   

And all this cost 2943¥ including tax! That’s about $23.50 for the two of us!!!!

Can’t wait to eat tomorrow. *drool*

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