Breakfast of Champions 

Anthony and I walked over to the hotel where my parents and sisters were staying and by the time we got there, we were really hungry.  So we walked across the hotel parking lot to one of their offerings, the Moon River Cafe.  

I grew up eating noodles and porridges for breakfast. Some of you may think strange but think about it, technically you have oatmeal and frittatas using day old spaghetti.. So why not?!

Anywho, Anthony and my sister-in-law was boring and got the eggs meal – two eggs, ham, hot dog, and a roll.

My sister, May, opted for the braised beef brisket noodle soup and both my parents and I went for the wonton noodle soup.

OMG!! Were those shrimp wontons amazing!! Thin skin, plenty of shrimp and chewy by not too chewy noodles.  The broth was a tad too salty for me but I would definitely come back for this!!!

And the best part?! For hotel guests, there’s 20% discount plus coupons for the place. So my parents picked up the tab 😉

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