Truckin’ up Manhattan

A recent fad in New York dining is an import from LA, the food truck. And of course New Yorkers like to claim they do everything better, but the lack of parking in Manhattan, and the lack of parking lots for trucks to gather in means the pickings are pretty slim here, even if they are an upgrade over the classic roach coach.

But on a bone-chilling afternoon, you take what’s closest to the office. Enter, “Taste of Greece” a Greek food truck which was spending the afternoon on Hudson street in Tribecca. The have social icons emblazoned on the truck, but I can’t find a webpage or Facebook profile to actually link to.

I ordered the lamb gyro platter, and the woman working the window pronounced it “jeyeroe”, not a good sign in a city with a large Greek population. Not more than three minutes later, my order was ready for me to grab and run back to the warmth and shelter of the office. By the time I got upstairs, I was expecting the food to be getting cold, so imagine my surprise to find the lamb meat almost scalding hot. Great crunchy crusty bits are ample on this tender and moist meat, sitting on top of a bed of just barely-overcooked buttered rice. Two nice salads complete the plate: one romaine and arugula with tahini sauce, and the other tomatoes and onions dressed with balsamic vinegar. Both were perfectly dressed and a nice balance to the fatty meat and rice.

Though I’m pretty sure I was supposed to get pita with this as well, it’s still a good deal at $9 (tax included) for such an expensive city and neighborhood.